Salimata Kaboré was born in 1978 in Burkina Faso. After spending several years in the Ivory Coast, she finished her primary education in Ouagadougou, then went to the Netherlands in 1992 with her mother and father-in-law, a Dutch diplomat posted to the "land of upright people". It was during her secondary education at the French School of The Hague that she learned to "wield the pencil".

In 1995, Salimata left for Belgium to continue with her studies. Following her time in Brussels where she finished her secondary education, she moved to Antwerp to take evening classes at the Academy of Fine Arts and daytime classes in communication sciences. In 2001, Salimata was back in Brussels to finish her communication studies, followed by a Master of Communication and Development Cooperation.


Only when she arrived in Europe did Salimata Kaboré become aware of her talent for art. Strongly encouraged by her drawing teacher and sculptor Lina Hodoraoba, Salimata decided to enrol in plastic arts workshops during the weekends, where she tried her hand at painting, stone carving, drawing, etc. Although she loved working on different supports, she chose painting which she enriched with a variety of personal techniques including sand, cement, grains and collages.

She has taken on a wide range of subjects: portraits of women and children, self-portraits, scenes of everyday life, abstract studies, etc. However her favourite topics are African women and tolerance. Be it abstract or figurative, her work is rich and vibrant with colours.

The painter sees art as the expression of her inner vibrations, in other words, a canvas where her perception of the contemporary world meets her personal experience. Art is also a way of reviving her African roots. Art is the adrenaline that drives her forward! Art in the end is sharing. After creating a piece of work alone, she takes great pleasure in sharing it with the public.

Salimata Kaboré has already exhibited her work on more than ten occasions in Belgium and The Netherlands. She has won several European prizes and is personally committed in the recognition of African cultures.


Salimata Kaboré is a project officer at Centre Avec, a centre for research and social work. In this framework, she is also secretary of the Forum Asile et Migrations, a platform of over 120 French and Dutch speaking organisations that fight for a more humane asylum and migration policy.